The Benefits of Pleated Air Filters

Air Filters are devices that eliminate unwanted particles and pollutants from your indoor air. When your air-conditioning or heating device are on, they blow the air through the system and particles in the air are captured by the filter fibers and stick to them. This removes the particles from the air to provide your home with clean, healthy indoor air.

Pleated air filters are very popular filters people like to use in their heating and air-conditioning systems.  These filters have a wide variety of characteristics and sizes that will meet the needs of many homes. Pleated filters are folded like an accordion, and have a much larger surface area in comparison to a flat-panel filter.

Pleated air filters use a Face Loading technique to capture pollutants. Face Loading is when dust is trapped on the surface of the filter material instead of throughout the material, which occurs in media type air filters. Face Loading means that the filter material must be very efficient, because it is thin and doesn’t allow any particles to get past the first layer of the filter. When pollutants are distributed throughout the material, that means the filter material is not as thin and will not catch all pollutants (smaller ones will pass through the material).

Since the efficiency is high, the air restriction will also be high. To compensate for this,  more filter material is used on a pleated air filter. By increasing the filter material, it will allow better air flow through the filter and less restriction.

The pleats in the filter also help to extend the life of the filter. If the filter were used as a flat surface, it would clog with air pollutants very quickly and would not be as efficient in cleaning the air for your home.

Try using Accumulair pleated furnace filters!

All Accumulair furnace filters are pleated, 3-month, electrostatically charged filters that are great for capturing airborne allergens. Accumulair air filters are chemical free so you never have to worry about the addition of unnecessary chemicals to your air. Accumulair filter material is designed so that it will not support the development of mold, mildew, bacteria, or other microorganisms in normal use. So if you are looking for a way to help reduce airborne allergens such as bacteria, particles that carry viruses, pollen, mold spores, fine dust, and pet dander, then an Accumulair air filter for your furnace is for you!

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